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Step2 Natural Playful Summertime Play Center This Step2 Play Center will be your kids’ new backyard hangout. This two-in-one activity center can enhance sensory and social skills as children dig up some sand in the sandbox and eat snacks together at the picnic table. Creativity and pretend play ignite as kids can make sand castles and dig for buried treasure like pirates. Group play is now more fun thanks to the Summertime Play Center! Made in USA of US and imported parts.

The Step2 Natural Playful Summertime Play Center is a vibrant and engaging outdoor play set designed to ignite children’s imaginations and keep them entertained for hours during the sunny summer months. Crafted with durable materials and thoughtful design, this play center offers a variety of interactive features aimed at promoting physical activity, socialization, and creative play.

With its bright colors and whimsical design, the Playful Summertime Play Center instantly captivates young minds, inviting them into a world of exploration and adventure. The center piece of this play set is a spacious sandbox, perfect for building sandcastles, digging, and sensory play. Surrounding the sandbox are multiple activity stations, including a water table for splashing and experimentation, a slide for exciting descents, and a climbing wall for developing motor skills and confidence.

The play center is equipped with safety features such as rounded edges and sturdy construction, ensuring parents’ peace of mind while their children engage in active play. Additionally, the natural aesthetic of the Playful Summertime Play Center blends seamlessly with outdoor environments, providing an attractive addition to any backyard or playground.

Whether children are pretending to be pirates sailing the high seas, archaeologists unearthing ancient treasures, or simply enjoying the sensation of sand between their fingers, the Step2 Natural Playful Summertime Play Center offers endless opportunities for fun and learning in the sun.

Weight 22.7 kg
Dimensions 144.8 × 177.7 × 169 cm


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