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Shumee Wooden Clock 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Set

  • 3 In 1 – 3d wooden shape and number sorting clock puzzle with 12 removable pieces for kids
  • Skillset: teaches numbers, shapes and concepts of time. Promotes curiosity, problem solving and fine motor skills, sensory, tactile and sight learning
  • Suitable for ages: 3 years+
  • Material: 100% high-quality wood, natural eco-friendly, non-toxic, water based colours, child safe. No plastic
  • Easy to carry Shumee Wooden Clock 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Set that consists of moving hands and numbered grooves for specific shapes


A gorgeous 3D clock that your child can build, learn to easily tell time with, and makes a perfect addition to their playroom decor!

What will I Get?

17 smooth and colourful thick wooden pieces that fit together like a jigsaw to make a lovely clock. The center piece has an hour and minute hand that can be moved around.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 5 cm





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