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Barbie Color Revea dolls

Barbie Color Revea dolls :-Barbie dolls now come in all shapes and sizes and colors, allowing kids to pick the look of the doll. But with the Barbie Color Reveal doll, what the doll looks like is a surprise. Everything from the color of her hair and eyes to her fashion accessories remain a mystery inside the blind-packaged canister. Use water to reveal your doll’s looks. There are five dolls to collect in series

What you’ll find is a see-through container with blind bags and an all-pink doll inside. Remove the doll and the four blind bags, and then take the canister and fill it with warm water to the fill line. From there, place the doll into the water-filled canister and watch as the outer covering disappears. When the water has turned all cloudy and pink, it’s time to take out your doll and reveal which one you got. Then, open up the blind bags to get your doll dressed. You’ll find shoes, a skirt, a wig, and a heart-shaped sponge. The sponge helps you do water-activated color reveal features with the doll’s eyes and hair. Dipping the sponge in icy cold water will add colorful streaks to the doll’s plastic hair, as well as change the doll’s eye color and add makeup. You can change it back with warm water.

This creates an unboxing experience for Barbie, but it’s more than opening blind bags. Kids will like all the water-activated color-change features that reveal their doll and change up the doll’s look. Barbie fans will definitely want to collect and reveal all five dolls..

  • Start the experience by removing the outer layer of packaging, unscrewing the top of the tube and pulling out a doll covered from head to toe in Color Revea pink and 4 decorated bags that keep the contents hidden!​
  • Open the 4 mystery bags to reveal their surprises — a wig, skirt, pair of shoes and small sponge; store them in the tube after play!​
  • Dip the sponge in ice cold water and use for a facial and sculpted hair transformation that can be repeated over and over again – her eyes and lips change color along with her hair streaks!​
  • Dress and accessorize the doll to play out stories — transform her look for a wow moment!​
  • Kids can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand the playtime opportunities because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become
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