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Fisher-Price Chill Vibes Walrus Soother is a cool cuddle buddy for baby with 10 minutes of calming music, nature sounds and soothing vibrations. This adorable Musical plush toy has 4 different settings, so you can customize the soothing to best fit your baby’s needs. Machine washable and featuring soft flippers and ribbon “hair”, This chill Walrus makes an excellent travel pal.

  • Take-along plush walrus toy with soothing music and vibrations
  • Customizable with 4 music and vibrations settings
  • 10 minutes of gentle music and sounds, plus volume control
  • Machine washable (with electronics removed)
  • Cuddle pal for baby from birth and up

Brand – Fisher Price
Type – Musical toy
Age – 0 months +
Height – 17 cm
Dimension – L 13 x B 7 x H 17 cm
GTIN – 887961911565

Product Description:
This musical toy from Fisher price is an ideal toy for kids. It develops hand eye co ordination, hearing, visual, motor skills in kids. Get this toy for your little ones. It is a perfect toy for your child’s leisure hours. The sound soothes the senses of the kid.

Fisher-Price Chill Vibes Walrus Soother, take-along musical plush toy with calming vibrations for infants.

This a delightful companion designed to soothe and entertain infants aged 0 months and older. This adorable plush walrus features soft textures and calming music to create a serene environment for your little one. With its gentle lullabies and soothing sounds, it helps to lull babies to sleep and comfort them during naptime or bedtime. The walrus’s friendly face and vibrant colors engage babies’ senses and encourage visual development. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to take along on outings or travels, providing familiar comfort wherever you go. The Fisher-Price Chill Vibes Walrus Soother is not just a toy; it’s a trusted friend that helps create peaceful moments for both baby and caregiver.



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