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Introducing Age 3+ Barbie GTF38 Dreamtopia Princess Doll, a magical companion designed to ignite imagination and creativity in every little dreamer. With her captivating extra-long two-tone fantasy hair, this Barbie doll transports children to a world of whimsical adventures and royal splendor.

Standing gracefully at approximately 12 inches tall, this Princess Doll is adorned with dazzling tiaras and comes with a hairbrush and an array of styling accessories, inviting young minds to embark on endless styling escapades. Whether it’s creating elaborate hairstyles fit for a royal ball or fashioning braids worthy of a fairy tale, the possibilities for hairstyling fun are limitless.

With her intricate gown featuring vibrant colors and intricate details inspired by Dreamtopia, Barbie embodies the essence of elegance and grace.

Not just a toy, but a catalyst for imaginative play, the Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Doll encourages storytelling and role-playing, fostering creativity and self-expression in children aged 3 and above. As they immerse themselves in the world of Dreamtopia, children develop essential social and cognitive skills, learning the importance of friendship, kindness, and empathy through play.

With its durable construction and exquisite design, the Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Doll promises hours of entertainment and enchantment for young minds. Whether displayed proudly on a shelf or cherished as a beloved playmate, this doll is sure to become a cherished companion, inspiring magical moments and treasured memories for years to come. Give the gift of endless imagination and fairy-tale dreams with the Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Doll—a timeless classic that continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world.

Age 3+ Barbie GTF38 Dreamtopia Princess Doll

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 13.51 × 5.99 × 30.99 cm


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