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Introducing the Age 3+ Barbie GXF05 Made to Move Doll with Green Dress the perfect companion for imaginative play and creative adventures for children aged 3 and above. This beautifully designed Barbie doll combines style, flexibility, and endless fun, making it a must-have addition to any young Barbie enthusiast’s collection.

With her vibrant green dress that exudes elegance and charm, this Barbie doll is ready for any occasion, whether it’s a glamorous party or a casual day out. The stunning details of her outfit, from the delicate fabric to the intricate design, will spark the imagination and inspire storytelling.

What sets the Barbie GXF05 Made to Move Doll apart is her incredible flexibility. Featuring 22 “joints” that allow her to move and pose in countless ways, she can bend, twist, and strike dynamic poses, bringing every playtime scenario to life. From dancing and posing for photos to riding a bike or practicing yoga, this doll can do it all, encouraging creativity and physical activity in children.

The Barbie GXF05 Made to Move Doll is not just a toy; she’s a companion that fosters self-expression and confidence. Children can imagine themselves in various roles and situations, helping them develop empathy and social skills as they engage in pretend play with friends or family.

Whether she’s striking a pose on the runway or going on exciting adventures, the Barbie GXF05 Made to Move Doll with Green Dress is sure to captivate the hearts of children and inspire endless hours of imaginative play. Get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys with Barbie and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Age 3+ Barbie GXF05 Made to Move Doll with Green Dress

Weight 0.196 kg
Dimensions 3.81 × 8.89 × 30.48 cm


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