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Rubbabu Fruits Pretend Play Toy Set of 8 Your child will definitely include this vegetable set while they play. This bright and colourful set will definitely amuse your kid. They will learn to identify the vegetables, colours and learn counting. The smooth, solid plastic pieces are perfect size pretend play. Food play sets for kids, help to promote fine motor skills and dexterity. Set includes different colourful toy vegetables. Rubbabu introduces your children with this assorted fruit basket .Your child will definitely include this fruits set while they play, this bright and colorful set will definitely amuse your kid. They will also learn to identify the fruits and their colors as well as learn counting.

  • Made of good quality durable plastic material.
  • Brightly colored, encourages pretend play.
  • Colourful fruits and vegetable set.
  • Safe for kids to play.
  • Learn fruits and vegetables.

Immerse your little one in a world of vibrant imagination with the Rubbabu Fruits Pretend Play Toy Set of 8. Crafted with care and designed to delight, this set brings a burst of color and fun to playtime. Each fruit is wonderfully soft to the touch, making them perfect for tiny hands to grasp and explore.

Let creativity blossom as children engage in pretend play, learning about fruits, colors, and textures along the way. From the velvety smoothness of the banana to the fuzzy surface of the peach, every piece offers a sensory adventure.

Whether it’s a bustling market scene, a make-believe picnic, or a culinary adventure in the play kitchen, these charming fruits inspire endless imaginative scenarios. They’re not just toys; they’re tools for learning, storytelling, and social interaction.

Made from high-quality materials with non-toxic, child-safe dyes, parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones are playing with toys that prioritize safety and durability. Bring home the Rubbabu Fruits Pretend Play Toy Set of 8 and watch as your child’s playtime blossoms with creativity and joy.

Weight 0.310 kg
Dimensions 20.1 × 17.9 × 10.2 cm


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