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Shumee DIY Wooden Modular Playhouse

A colourful DIY wooden playhouse that your child can put together in endless different ways. This gender-neutral toy is the perfect combination of building and pretend play, giving your child a chance to get creative and indulge their imagination for hours!

What will I Get?

12 safe wooden pieces with well-rounded corners that you can assemble in 10+ different ways to build a playhouse. 3 mini ladder pieces and 5 furniture pieces that you can set around the playhouse. Many colorful and fun accessory pieces to add a splash of fun to your home! An eco-friendly muslin bag to store small furniture and accessories.


Shumee DIY Wooden Modular Playhouse Helps work on problem-solving skills as they figure how to put different parts of the house together in suitable ways. Instils pride, ownership, and responsibility in them since they built the playhouse from scratch. Each child’s way of decorating and arranging their playhouse is different which instils them to bring out self-expression. Helps your child put on their creative hat as they make different playhouses. Imagining different homes and playing pretend with this house makes it a great toy for fantasy play. Develops your child’s fine motor skills as they handle the pieces, move them around, and build their playhouse.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 5 cm

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