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Age:3+ Barbie GTN51 Pediatrician Playset Blonde Doll, an exciting addition to Barbie’s world designed to inspire imaginative play and career exploration in children aged 3 and above. This comprehensive playset immerses young ones into the rewarding role of a pediatrician, allowing them to care for their dolls, promote empathy, and foster a passion for healthcare.

At the heart of this playset is the pediatrician’s office, complete with vibrant medical equipment and accessories. The colorful examination table provides a comfortable spot for dolls to rest while receiving check-ups. With the included stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, and otoscope, children can conduct thorough examinations and diagnose their dolls’ ailments, encouraging them to develop nurturing and problem-solving skills.

The Barbie Pediatrician Doll herself is a shining example of professionalism and compassion. With her blonde hair styled in a neat bun and wearing a white lab coat over a colorful top and matching pants, she exudes confidence and expertise. Her articulation allows for realistic role-playing scenarios, empowering children to take charge of their pretend medical practice.

Additionally, the set includes a baby doll patient, enabling young caregivers to simulate routine check-ups and provide tender care. This interaction fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy as children learn to address their patients’ needs with kindness and attentiveness.

With its attention to detail and emphasis on imaginative play, the Barbie Pediatrician Playset serves as a gateway for children to explore the world of healthcare professions while honing essential life skills. Whether conducting examinations, administering “medicine,” or offering comfort to their patients, young ones will delight in the endless possibilities for nurturing and creativity that this playset offers.

Age:3+ Barbie GTN51 Pediatrician Playset Blonde Doll

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Dimensions 6 × 10 × 27 cm


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