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Little Genius Geo Sorting Board puzzle introducing kids to shapes and colors Bright colored wooden piece inserts easily into the knob, Kids can select and put different shapes on the board with the help of knobs, Shapes can be stacked one above another.

  • This Geo Sorting Board Toy is a Fantastic Way to teach shapes, size, height, colors and numbers.
  • Each shape is made of natural solid wood and painted in bright and beautiful, non-toxic colors.
  • Educational learning toy for identification of shape sorter and color sorting according to the numbers count which strengthens motor skills, hand-eye coordination and inspiring imaginative play.
  • The wood is smooth and the parts are well attached. Very durable and of the highest quality.
  • Made in child-size, proper for kid’s hands, it is designed in chunky blocks to prevent choking hazard, smooth circle edge to add safety for children, and thickening wood base to last for years.

The Little Genius Geo Sorting Board is an engaging and educational toy designed to introduce young children to basic geometric shapes and spatial reasoning skills. This brightly colored sorting board typically features various slots or compartments, each corresponding to a specific geometric shape such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and more.

The set usually includes a variety of geometrically shaped pieces in different colors and sizes that children can sort into the corresponding slots on the board. These pieces are often made of durable, child-safe materials like wood or plastic, ensuring longevity and safety during play.

Through hands-on exploration and manipulation, children develop their fine motor skills as they grasp, maneuver, and fit each shape into its designated slot. Additionally, the activity promotes cognitive development by encouraging shape recognition, matching, and sorting abilities.

The Little Genius Geo Sorting Board not only provides hours of entertainment but also fosters early mathematical concepts and critical thinking skills in young learners. It’s an ideal tool for parents and educators seeking to support early childhood development in a fun and interactive way.




Weight 495.99 kg
Dimensions 37.6 × 7.8 × 7.8 cm

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Made In India


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