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LEGO Ice Dragon Creature 30649  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Key Features

  • Child-friendly figures The colorful playset includes objects that are easy for toddlers to pick up and place.
  • Bring the action of Ninja live and create your own action sequence.
  • This versatile toy is a fun way to develop children’s self-expression and fine motor skills as they enjoy endless role play.


Brand – Lego

Type – Building Set

Age – 7 years +

Dimensions – L 17 x B 2 x H 19 cm

Weight – 40 g

Product Description

A superb 2-in-1 NINJAGO model that kids can build into a fearsome dragon with 4 legs and wings before rebuilding it into a dragon warrior on 2 legs and holding a sword. This endlessly engrossing build-and-play toy is sure to captivate children for hours on end.

Items included in the package

1 Lego building set 70 Pieces

LEGO Ice Dragon Creature 30649 Building Toy Set (70 Blocks) Building Toy Set, an exhilarating addition to your LEGO collection! This captivating set features a majestic ice dragon, brimming with intricate details and fierce charm. With 70 blocks, it offers an engaging building experience suitable for both novice and experienced builders alike.

Prepare to embark on an icy adventure as you assemble this mythical creature, characterized by its stunning crystalline wings, sharp claws, and menacing gaze. Each piece fits together seamlessly, allowing you to bring this legendary beast to life with ease.

LEGO Ice Dragon Creature 30649 Building Toy Set (70 Blocks) Whether displayed proudly on a shelf or incorporated into imaginative play scenarios, the LEGO Ice Dragon Creature promises hours of entertainment and creative exploration. Let your imagination soar as you conjure up epic tales of bravery and conquest in the fantastical realm of ice and fire.

Unleash your inner builder and experience the thrill of creating your very own LEGO Ice Dragon Creature – a testament to the limitless possibilities of the LEGO universe.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 17 × 19.5 × 1.5 cm


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