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Little Genius Rod Sorting Board A set of 25 cylinders in five colours and having different sizes. By fitting each piece into the hole in the base, and arranging them into rows of ascending height, children learn to distinguish size and seriation, colours and lengths.

  • Brand: little genius
  • Color: multicolor
  • Package contents: rod sorting board

This Board is a dynamic and engaging educational toy designed to foster cognitive development and fine motor skills in young children. This innovative board consists of a sturdy base with multiple slots and colorful rods of varying lengths, shapes, and sizes.

The objective of the sorting board is for children to manipulate the rods and match them with corresponding slots based on specific attributes such as color, length, or shape. This process encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and pattern recognition, laying the foundation for mathematical concepts.

Crafted from child-safe materials, the Little Genius Rod Sorting Board prioritizes safety without compromising on durability. The vibrant colors and tactile elements of the rods stimulate sensory exploration, while the hands-on nature of the activity promotes hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Little Genius Rod Sorting Board is ideal for both independent play and interactive learning sessions. Whether used at home, in classrooms, or during travel, this educational toy provides endless opportunities for discovery and skill development in young minds.


Weight 1.24 kg
Dimensions 24.2 × 24.20 × 5 cm

Assembly Required


Batteries Included


Batteries Required





Country of Origin

Made In India


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Remote Controlled Included



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