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Shumee Wooden 5-In-1 Activity Triangle – Learning Toy

One toy, many ways to learn!

  • 1.5 sides of engaging learning done through play!
  • 2. Learn letters, numbers, animals, shapes, and how to tell time
  • 3. Improve dexterity by playing with gears
  • 4. Chalkable surface to write and scribble
  • 5. Colourful and attractive for kids



Learn letters, the concept of time and clock, patterns, and numbers visually with this triangle shape activity toy that is packed on every side with activities. Draw, scribble • let your toddler express themselves.

1.Creativity and Imagination: Toys like the Shumee 5-in-1 Activity Triangle foster imaginative play,enhancing problem-solving skills.

2.Cognitive Development: Working across the 5 sides of the toy helps promote concentration, memory,and spatial awareness, contributing to cognitive growth.

3.Social Skills: Even in solitary play children build foundational social skills as they express themselves through the power of play

4.Emotional Regulation: Toys like the 5-in-1 Activity Triangle provide a safe space for children to express and understand emotions,aidingin emotional development.

5.Motor Skills: Playing with toys contributes to the refinement of fine and gross motor skills, crucial for physical development in children.



Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 27 × 26 cm




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